10 Key Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Website


. Pictures needs to be relevant and strictly reflect your products and services

. DO NOT complicate your website with hidden messages by putting pictures that have nothing to do with your business offerings

. Remember customer only really measure your value based on what you have to offer

Visuals attracts the customers – the best picture will

enhance the perception

Writing Content

· Writing is a process and it will never be perfect when you first start off.

· First write at least 3 sentences about your business – specifically, what you offer, what your competitive advantage is and define your commitment to excellence

· Write about you and/or your business – when you started, how you have grown and what differentiates you in the market.

· Remember point form and less words is best.


· Define your brand colors. The rules are simple “less is more” so think about at least 2 colors that you would like to represent your brand.

· More than two colors typically make your website look busy and complicated. That can

give the wrong impression.


.When your branding colours are defined, go on the internet and choose at least 2 – 3 logos that you think will best reflect your business.

.If you are not the creative type, then simply hire someone who is more creative than you.

Note: you can change your logo overtime however it is not recommended


What is a domain name? It is simply the You have to buy that name.

Godaddy is a company that sells domain names. Visit go daddy, and in the search bar type in the name you want. If it is available then you are in business – buy that name so when your website is completed you will officially be on the World Wide Web.

Social Media Platforms

.There are so many social media platforms out there and you don’t need all of them.

.If you are a small to medium sized business, 3 platforms are more than enough.

.Think about who your customers are and then use those platforms which are relevant to your demographic

.Again “less is more”


SEO – stands for search engine optimization. Simply that means if someone searches a common term on Google, you want your business to show up on the first page.  IDEALLY!

In reality your business will NOT show up on the first page unless you are the only business in that specific place or you are willing to pay Google – via Google Adwords.

For a small business SEO simply means setting up your description, meta tags and links. Being on Google is the first step but enhance your SEO is a constant work in process.

Mobile Compatibility

.People access information on their cellphones because it is literally in the palm of their hands.

.If you have a website, mobile .compatibility is essential because .customer must be able to navigate and .find all the relevant information with ease.

.Remember a desktop website and a .mobile website are NOT the same thing


.Anytime you design a website, you need to map out your pages, content and decide what is relevant and what isn’t relevant.

.Create a wire frame which outlines all your web pages, drop down links, content and even visual content.

.Determine if a slideshow for your website home page is relevant.

.Once the website is in the process make sure both the desktop version and mobile version meets all the requirements.

Google Analytics

What is the point of having a website if you don’t know who is visiting it?

.Google has a FREE software that helps any business or person keep track of who is visiting their website.

.Analytics is now part of the 21st century marketing plan. It is now a requirement for businesses to keep track of their customers.

.Market research is in the palm of your hands. Download the Analytics app, and from time to

time check to see if your customers are visiting your website.

.Analytics also facilities in defining your target market.

Keep it simple always!