Just because COVID-19 has halted our day to day way of life, it does NOT mean we should just stop and let the time pass. For all business owners, this historical time period is about OPPORTUNITY. Even though most businesses are halted, it is a good time to analyze the small things you need to do in order to enhance your business presence. 

The main question is what is the difference between YOUR BUSINESS and your COMPETITORS

What is the difference between a MARKET FOLLOWER and MARKET LEADER

The simple answer is MARKETING. Marketing influences the perception of your business. The right BRANDINGVISUALS, and CONTENT will define your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.  


Big companies invest their marketing. Why? Because if their website, logo and social media pages are interactive, vibrate, visually appealing, professional and has just enough but NOT too much content, then they already have won half the battle. People NEED to “FEEL” your message. 

Ideally, the minute customers look at your company’s website, you want to make them believe “you are the best”, “you are the market leader”, “you are unique”, etc. 

Next to your product or service, your BRANDING will influence your customers' buying behaviour. 


Branding is not just limited to the logo but it represents the company’s product, services and values. Your brand defines to your costumers what to expect from your company and how you can change their way of interacting with your products than others. Your brand is a representation of your business and valued promise to your costumers


A website is the gateway and entry point of your business. If you have a website that can capture the essence of your business, then you have already begun to sell to the customer. The point is to generate curiosity. Curiosity generates leads, leads will generate sales. 

Sales depend on the image you convey. To make money you need to spend money, thus you need to invest in your brand image.

Remember: Branding is your voice!

Importance of Branding!

In developing a marketing strategy plan, your brand is a guide to make costumers understand the purpose of your company. Branding is important because it represents your business and your services. It is the face of your company and it impacts how costumers perceive your products. It builds a trust relationship between the company and costumers.

Increase Business Value:

Branding brings value to the business and when starting up a new business it is an investment that businesses make and it pays off when a business considers all the aspects. Branding is a more appealing way to advertise your products in the marketplace. Plus, it builds awareness among the costumers what kind of products and offers you provide in the marketplace